Play sample puzzles from various stages of the highly scaffolded ST Math curriculum.

Informative Feedback

Math Topic Showcased: Addition and Subtraction

In ST Math action is critical and mistakes are the perfect opportunity for learning. Animated immediate feedback offers an intrinsically motivating learning experience that shows students the mathematical consequences of each answer.

Visual to Symbolic

Math Topic Showcased: Multiplication and Division

Students first learn concepts visually in ST Math. Gradually, language and symbols are introduced enabling all students to apply mathematical foundations and problem solve those standard questions normally found on tests.

Personalized Learning

Math Topic Showcased: Fractions

Students work at their own pace through intentionally sequenced learning paths. The adaptive animated feedback and mastery based objectives personalizes their exposure to each concept according to their unique needs.

Creative Problem Solving

Math Topic Showcased: Fractions

The visual models that present math concepts in non-routine ways requires students to think outside the box and creatively apply what they have learned to solve challenging problems.